Things To Remember When Editing Client’s Corporate Videos

25th October 2018

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As a video editor, the chances are that at some point during your career you will be asked to edit some corporate videos for your clients. Corporate videos are notoriously tricky to create effectively as it can be a struggle to get the right balance between professionalism and entertainment. When done properly, a corporate video can be an excellent tool for sharing information and capturing target audiences.

The video production market is flooded with editors offering corporate video services, and with so many professionals offering these services it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. You need to be able to produce outstanding corporate videos for your clients, and there are few tips and trick to remember to create something truly memorable. Once you make your name in the corporate video editing game, you will find yourself with the opportunity to work with loads of diverse clients on tonnes of different and intriguing projects.

Whether this is the first time you have been asked to create a corporate video for a client, or you’re a seasoned editor with a hefty portfolio, there are a few things to remember when editing client’s corporate videos:



This is certainly not the most glamorous or fun part of the filmmaking process, but it is essential if you truly want to create a corporate video that your client will love. You will need to decide on a budget and set a realistic timeline that works for both of you. Make a production plan and set dates for important milestones throughout the process. Once you have this plan in place, be sure to stick to it to keep both your client happy and the project on track.



Different types of corporate video will have different audiences, and this makes a big difference in the type of video you produce. Discuss with your client the desired audience for this corporate video; is it a training video for employees or a brand video for sharing no social media? Be very clear right from the beginning about who you are trying to reach.



In most cases, clients will tightly dictate the message to be given in their corporate video. They will know what they want to portray, and your job is it create this into an accurate and beautiful video. If you are planning to include interviews within the corporate video avoid wasting time meandering around soundbites. Get the work done ahead of time and script out exactly what you want your subjects to say, this will give you the ability to discuss with your client before shooting to make sure it is just right, and no time is wasted.



Most corporate videos will feature real people that are not used to being filmed. The chances are they will be anxious and trying to get their time in front of the lens over with as soon as possible. Choosing to use a two-camera set up might be slightly more work but will give you a lot more choice when it comes to post production to make your subjects sound and look good. You will give yourself more footage to piece together the best sections of all their airtime and cut out all the awkward pauses and ‘ummms’.



It is important to always be prepared in case a subject shows up for filming in an outfit that just won’t work on camera. Look out for awkward colours and unruly patterns that could causes havoc in your post production. If you don’t have the budget for an onsite wardrobe department, ask all your subjects to bring a spare outfit with them on filming day – just in case.



Shooting a corporate video is usually going to be way out of your clients’ comfort zone, and the chances are the subjects in your video are taking a break from their usual day job to be there for filming. People will be nervous and awkward, and it is vital to make sure everyone is as relaxed and engaged as possible before they get in front of the camera. Work hard to get them to have a good time, try to make the whole experience fun and enjoyable. This will not only leave you with happy clients, but make the corporate video look professional, relaxed and effortless.


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